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SUJI’S Cili Boh A1 & SUJI’S Pure Cili Paste can be used to make Nasi Goreng, Mee Goreng or to marinate anything. It is also ideal for use as a dipping sauce or sambal for grilled vegetables, spring rolls, fried foods or even Keropok Lekor! It suitable for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Sujis Chili Boh A1


  • Thinner consistency and includes other ingredients, e.g. corn
  • Can be used as an ingredient in cooking or as a finishing sauce
Sujis Chili Paste


  • Much thicker in consistency which includes more chili peppers as the primary ingredient
  • Can only be used in cooking, not finishing

The textural difference between SUJI’S Cili Boh A1 & SUJI’S Pure Cili Paste is because the Cili Boh have extra liquid in the form of water or vinegar and it usually contains more moisture.

Both SUJI’S Cili Boh & Cili Paste should be refrigerated to keep it longer. It is best kept in a closed container in the fridge. Rest assure that SUJI’S Cili Boh & SUJI’S Pure Cili Paste is consumable upto four (4) months from the manufacturing date.

When using your stored chili boh & cili paste, always use a clean, dry spoon to avoid contaminating and spoiling. Also, avoid defrosting the entire container of cili paste unless you plan to use it all. Defrost only the amount you need