What is Chili Boh A1 & Chili Paste

Everything Need to Know

Chili Boh A1 & Chili Paste

Suji’s A1 Chili boh is a must-have ingredient in most Malaysian kitchens. A thick red paste often kept in glass jars, plastic packet or containers, you will usually find it readymade at most supermarkets and markets throughout the country, any cook or chef worth their salt knows it’s always best to use our local chili paste and chili boh.

Generally, there is only one ingredient in chilli boh – crinkly dried chillies.

Suji’s A1 Chili Paste is a good chili paste that will add heat and flavor that you won’t get from anywhere else. You can find many different kinds in the grocery store, but when you run out, it is such a bummer. There are generic chili pastes. Suji’s A1 Chili paste and Chili boh with unique flavors that are completely different from Thai chili pastes and Mexican chili paste. I’m going to assume that your recipe calls SUJI’s Chili paste is the best for your cooking. 

Suji’s chili paste is essentially a paste made from chili peppers. It is a highly versatile ingredient, used to add flavor, pungency and character to many cuisines. The type of paste varies from culture to culture based on cooking traditions.

There are so many ways to use this recipe, whether to make Nasi Goreng (Malay or Indonesian Fried Rice), Mee Goreng (Malay or Indian Fried Noodles) or to use it to marinate anything or having it as a condiment too, much like a dipping sauce or sambal, because that’s what it is, a sambal! Fancy a twist to your usual roast or spuds? Well, use a little of this to add a kick or with barbecue season almost upon us, as mentioned before, this is the perfect spicy marinade of Chili Paste and Chili Boh. It is a pretty spicy paste, so when using this homemade chilli paste in another recipe, a small amount goes a long way.

Chili Paste (Alternative / Substitute)

Chili paste can make a suitable replacement for Chili boh. It is nice and thick and filled with flavor. You won’t get the same flavor, but the consistency will be there.

We suggest combining the chili paste with either a few dashes of hot sauce, or with a teaspoon or two of chili powder or crushed red pepper flakes. Mix them together and you have a spice filled chili paste.

What is the difference between Chili Paste and Chili Boh

A chili paste is much thicker in consistency and usually includes more chili peppers as the primary ingredient. A chili boh has a thinner consistency and often includes other ingredients. Chili boh can be used as an ingredient in cooking or as a finishing sauce, where chili paste is only used in cooking, not finishing.

The textural difference is because chili paste usually contains less moisture than chili boh. A chili boh may have extra liquid in the form of water or vinegar.

Does Chili paste and Chili Boh need to be refrigerated?

Chili paste and chili boh should be refrigerated to keep it longer. Even if the chili paste has a low pH, it runs the risk of spoiling if kept outside of the refrigerator. It is best if kept in a closed container in the fridge.

Suji’s Chili Paste & Chili Boh

  • No colorant added
  • Halal
  • No added MSG
  • Suitable for vegetarian & Vegan
  • Mildly spicy, sweet flavor
  • Ideal for use as a dipping sauce for grilled vegetables, spring rolls and fried foods
  • Tasty drizzled over chicken, pork, beef or lamb

Safety Handling of Chili Boh and Chili Paste

  • Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling all that chilli paste and chili boh. You don’t want to accidentally rub your eyes with chilli-exposed fingers! To be on the safe side, use gloves.
  • After the entire process, you’ll yield about five times the weight in chilli boh compared to the weight of dried chillies you started out with. Keep this in mind!
  • When using your stored chilli boh, always use a clean, dry spoon to avoid contaminating and spoiling it. Also, avoid defrosting the entire container of chilli paste unless you plan to use it all. Defrost only the amount you need.